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Why Glass Jars Are The Best Solution For Cannabis Storage ?

Discover why glass stash jars offer a sustainable cannabis storage solution and how they preserve the quality, flavor, and potency of cannabis products.

Fresh, aromatic, and sticky cannabis provides the best experience as it is richer in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and terpenes. However, proper cannabis storage is essential to maintain these desirable characteristics longer. Although several options are available, from cannabis storage boxes to pots, glass jars are one of the best options. Read on to discover how eco-friendly glass jars preserve the quality and flavor profile of your cannabis. 

Preserve The Flavor And Potency Of Cannabis

Exposure to humidity can lead to the growth of mold, resulting in the drying and spoilage of cannabis. To keep your cannabis fresh and flavorful, preventing mold and mildew growth is imperative.

Eco-friendly glass jars are excellent cannabis storage containers for storing various cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, and concentrates. The durability and quality of borosilicate glass make it an ideal material for protecting cannabis from moisture and oxygen.

Keeps Cannabis Storage Smell Proof

When storing cannabis, it is essential to ensure your storage container is odorless and keeps your cannabis smell free. Instead of traditional cannabis storage boxes, consider purchasing sustainable containers made from natural materials and coated with healthy oil to eliminate the risk of odors.

In addition, child-resistant glass jars with airtight seals are also available, keeping products fresh and away from the reach of children.

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Glass Jars Prevent Chemical Contamination

Another plus about glass jars is they maintain the freshness of your cannabis stash without the risk of contamination. Borosilicate glass jars are made from non-toxic materials and offer high chemical resistance, protecting your products from infiltration.

Moreover, unlike plastic, glass has a neutral charge and does not pull trichomes from cannabis bud onto the container’s surface. This keeps cannabinoid-rich trichomes intact, thereby maintaining the potency and quality of your cannabis. 

Block Out UV Rays

The key to preserving the potency of cannabis is keeping it away from direct sunlight. Exposure to UV rays causes significant cannabinoid degradation over time. Therefore, storing cannabis in sealed UV-resistant glass containers at room temperature is crucial for preventing the deteriorating effects of light and maintaining its quality for longer.

In addition, high humidity can also cause the loss of freshness and evaporation of desirable compounds from cannabis. Therefore, keeping the humidity levels around 60% is advisable. Glass jars are the perfect way to regulate humidity and moisture levels in your cannabis, making them suitable for cannabis seed storage. 

Safe, Convenient, and Attractive

When it comes to storing cannabis, the size and shape of the glass jar matter. This is because storing small amounts of cannabis in large containers exposes it to more oxygen every time the container is opened. This can cause oxidation, which speeds up the aging process of cannabis, making it less potent over time.

To prevent this, choosing the right jar size for your cannabis is necessary. The availability of glass jars in various sizes makes it convenient for users to select the jar according to the amount of cannabis they intend to store. Furthermore, storing cannabis-infused edibles in glass jars allows for an attractive presentation of your edibles while protecting their integrity.

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